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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Latex Vendors List 2, from the other blog that got shut down...

Latex/Rubber Vendors v2 (updated May 2016)

Because of Tumblr stupid re-direct of links, I had to un-hyperlink these for now…

As a rubber fetishist, I am always looking to keep tabs on places to get reasonably priced and hot gear. In my searching I have patronized a few, even though I have found many more. Below are a list of some vendors to check out. Maybe I will work on expanding on my personal experience with each that I have gear from eventually, but this can be a started resource for anyone looking for shop about. I would also encourage anyone who is interested in getting a piece from these shops to join mailing lists or newsletters, as you can hear about deals and sales from them.
—–Some of these are regionally better for shipping, they are stores I have directly patronized—–
    (Based in the USA, best for continental shipping, hearty base gear where I got my first pieces)
    (Good for some essentials and dressy pieces, updated link)
   (Known for their tye-dye/bleacher style clothes, I recently got a splatter shirt from a shop in Vancouver during Rubbout, love it!)
   (They have some pretty nice textured rubber, make good gear, I have inherited a made to measure suit and it is great!)
    (Cheap, foreign, and sometimes long wait, but great for first pieces or rough & tumble items that you might not mind ‘trying out’ before committing to $$$ options from other suppliers)
   (Horrible customer service, doesn’t stand by their product, have experienced and heard of many issues and none of them were taken care of without struggle)
—–Below are shops I haven’t Patronized directly but have heard positive reviews on, or been in gear of others from—–
   (USA-based, but have seen pieces similar to Invincible Rubber, I think a bit ‘spendy’)
    (Quality items, recommend signing up for newsletter for deals)
    (I know a lot of people buy their first catsuit from them, I have heard many pups shop here, especially because they have tall sizing)
    (Especially known for their vac rack/vac cube)
—–Below are ones that I haven’t heard much specifically about—–
    (I have heard they have great gear, but as of this post I have heard they are a bit backlogged with their production work)