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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Recent Rubbery Meetup (Part 1)

I had finally broken my long streak of not getting to play around with people that I had been talking to for a long time by meeting up with a great dude in Northern Illinois. He was into rubber, hoods, bondage, gags, and a lot of other stuff.

The only issue I had was with gags, as I recently developed a retching hyper sensitive gag reflex, which sucks when you like gags as well, which pretty much stops my from being able to do any in mouth gag without eventually dry heaving and have a fit.

But he was a great dominant to understand that I couldn't be gagged, but still arranged for some great rubber and leather hood time.

I am getting a little ahead of myself, basically we arranged to have a weekend where I would come down for the day, stay the night, and then leave the next day. I got in touch, was on my way and got to his place safe and sound. When inside, we talked for a bit, just to re-certify what we wanted to do and then sort of planning out the rest of the days activities. Of course I got into rubber, my latex catsuit, which is showing its wear by the crotch (for some reason :p..), and then was tied to a chair facing his TV. Once fastened down, I was hooded, which had eye-holes, as well as an overall flap that could cover my hooded face and limit my breathing. The outer flap was opened and he played dirty videos while riling me up by playing with my cock.

This is an important time to note that I was request not to cum days before showing up, so I was horny as hell and I was hard as a rock. He worked out a system where I would need to ask permission, but that wouldn't be until later in the day, so if I got close, I would have to tell him that I was close and he would stop...or I would be punished. I didn't want to risk any punishment or disappointment for the first meet, so that drove me crazy while I was dying to just cum from the cock attention.

Well I was edged for a while, and eventually he worked me over really good and I....still didn't get to cum. I was just dying, and he was all over it, he was experienced with his hands and even got some mouth action in there. We exchanged a bit of oral attention and I was eventually let off of the chair to be taken back to a bedroom. Here I was given the task in aiding him in reaching orgamsm, all the while teasing me from not getting mine. It was just unfortunate torture as I really was dying to cum and I was experiencing his pleasure with no way to avail myself of my own.

I will follow up with part 2 shortly!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Also, this past month was my birthday month, so I am now a year older! I made it this far...I can't wait to see what lies ahead for me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Fun and update

It is getting late in the month and I am sure a few of you are like, "Is he going to post this month? He said at least once a month!" The response I have to that is yes. I am right now! :)

I waited a while because the beginning of the month was a little hectic, I got a horrible cold, and I was arranging some things...

I ended up having a great meet-up with a long time chat buddy finally this past weekend, and I have a few shots from it, but I will be waiting to post them until I get them processed and some permission to do so (seeing as I don't like to just use photos someone took!)

For now you can all just imagine what the pictures are of, but don't get your hopes up, I didn't get a lot of them and we took some basic shots, nothing fancy. Key words here would be rubber and bondage, as those are growing to be my main interests as I evolve in my fetish/kinky life.

I also made a rash decision to purchase some rubber from a less-than-appreciate Chinese manufacturer, so I will report back when that arrives in the future as well...(hopefully it all works out and I will give them a glowing review/recommendation.)

Until then, you will just have to hang on my words until I get some photos to grab your visual interest.


Okay, I lied I found some pictures back from December when a buddy came to visit.

It was the first time I had a hands-free orgasm with some light electro-play (which isn't usually something I am comfortable with, so "yay!" for pushing limits!)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Update on the singlets!

So I am sure you all saw the last post, and maybe you checked out those singlets or even bid, but it turns out there was some shady business going on between the bidders on the one, so eBay asked that they be re-listed.

Feel free to check them out (by clicking on the image) again and good luck if you are interested!

Stay tuned for another update, as I am going to keep making them!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

I am not really making too many resolutions this year, but one of them is to provide an update of some kind at least once per month for this year. I have really been slacking and I feel I probably have a few followers out there, so I will try to keep you interested with more content than the train-wreck from last year.

So to start this off, I have made some new friends, one which is selling some gear on eBay, which I would recommend checking out, there is a limited time on these, but it never hurts to put the word out there:

Here is the buddy modeling the gear too! Click on the pictures to see the auctions, they end quickly, so if you see this too late I am sorry. Stay tuned for more, I am arranging a few play dates and hope to have some dirty things to report back to you all on in the future!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sexy Latex on TV

I happened to catch the end of Conan the other night, and I found this which immediately caught my eye...

I like Paramore, they are good and Hayley Williams voice sounds great with their music. But I love it even more when I see her bopping around on stage in latex attire, which I then found pointed out on a site, which you can click the picture below to check out.

Hayley Williams: Latex Polo Shirt & Leggings

Just thought that I would take a moment to report that...hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Arranging for Local Pick-up

So, as you all could have seen, I have an eBay account and I sell stuff, and sometimes buy various things. Not everything is kinky, gear, or otherwise related, but this is worthy of this blog for its kinky nature.

To preface this, I talk on and off with people using yahoo messenger, only on and off because sometimes I don't have time to log in for more than a few seconds, or when I do I'm at work, or completing some household tasks like laundry while logged in. Some of my friends and contacts deserve more than that, but I try to re-iterate that they aren't the only ones that don't talk to me, as I don't always interact with my non-online friends with my mis-managed life.

So I have talked to a bunch of people for a while, some years and have never met them. That changed for one of them when I stumbled upon a great set of eBay auctions.

They were for some rubber items and some leather items...GEAR! I needed to get in on that action so I bid and then ended up contacting the user to see if we would know each other or have kinky friends in common as they were in the same state and that immediately flags me when it isn't in the populated cities of my rural state.

This is about all I have to say on the matter, but here is part of something that he typed up for me:

..."He was open enough to give me the screen name he uses, kinkyboinick.  Well I in turn told him my screen name and who I was.  Turns out we had talk several times over the past months and we moved out conversation to IM.

Well we talked about the items and we decided that if he won anything he would come and pick it up from my house and if things clicked we would have some play time.  He did win three of the auctions, leather chaps, latex elbow length gloves and a latex anatomical hood.

We set the Saturday after the auction at noon to meet.  He and I chatted on by text message setting limits and getting to know each other.

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  About 10:30 I got a text that he was on his way.  That is when my butterflies started to kick in.  Everything was set.  The next text came that he was thirty minutes away.  He was right on time, I saw the car drive in the driveway, and next came the knock on the door.
I opened it and saw kinkyboinick.  He was dressed in his street clothes and looking very sexy.
I think we were both nervous at that point.  I welcomed him in and we sat in talked for probably about forty five minutes and got to know each other.  It seemed on both our parts that things were really clicking.
I gave him what he bought and he liked them.  We decided to have a little fun. Kinkyboinick then stripped naked and we decided he would get into his black latex catsuit.

He is six feet tall and has an extremely sexy hot body.  I enjoyed seeing him naked and watching him slip into the suit.  The suit fit him perfectly, like a second skin.  He is a man who wears latex well.  It showed every curve and muscle.

I could tell kinkyboinick was enjoying getting into the suit because his cock was hard and standing erect.  He also put on the elbow length glove and they fit perfectly, which just added to the look of full coverage.
We moved to the bedroom, where I placed leather cuffs on his wrist and ankles and bound him.  Something I found that kinkyboinick really enjoys. We were using the theme of a captured superhero.  Kinkyboinick made an excellent Superhero and I had captured him. (Both of us share this fantasy.)

Kinkyboinick quickly got into the head space as I began massaging his body through the latex suit.  I can only imagine what he was feeling through the thin layer of latex.  He had told me he likes to be touched, and I could tell he enjoyed it.

My massage became focused on his groin area.  Through the suit kinkyboinick had grown rock hard and was totally relaxed with his eyes closed running different scenarios though his head on being a captive superhero.  I opened up the double zip letting his hard cock free from the latex that was keeping it a prisoner.

The massage continued.  I edged the young superhero several times but I could tell that he really wanted to get off.  It did not take long and his body began to convulse and his cock erupted. I pushed him continuing to caress his cock after had his orgasm.  He was very sensitive and tried to get away, but was limited be of his bindings.

After he had recovered I put him into a hogtie. He seemed to enjoy giving up his freedom being bound in this position.  I know I enjoyed watching him and having him in this position, basically helpless.

Once I let him out of the hogtie we sat on the bed and talked more.  We talked about kink, life, friends, events and whatever came up.  Kinkyboinick was so easy to talk to.  I was having a great time not only playing but also just talking.  I am pretty sure Kinkyboinick enjoyed what we did as well and one thing is for sure that all the nervousness was gone on both sides.

Kinkyboinick decided to use the shower to take the catsuit off, as anyone knows that is the easiest way to get it off.  He spent a while in there and admitted he liked the steam retention my shower had.  After the shower he joined me in the living room and we talked a little more.  I know to some this might be boring but it worked for us.  He then tried on the chaps he had bought on the auction.  The fit him perfectly like a nice tight glove.

 I have to admit that I love a hot man in tight leather chaps, and kinkyboinick is definitely a very hot man in and out of chaps.  After all what is not to love with this view…

We then decide for kinkyboinick to put on his latex uniform with sailor front pants and have some more fun or happy time. He looks amazing in this outfit!  We went back to the bedroom again where I locked kinkyboinick up again and proceeded with more massage.  This time kinkyboinick was more sensitive and I edged him several times before he got off.

One of my favorite things was then kinkyboinick asked me if I was enjoying myself and when he told me that I was very good with my massage and he was having a great time!  And I was having the most amazing time, there was a super hot, sexy, kinky guy in latex tied up in my bed with me getting him off what is not to love."

Saturday, July 27, 2013

All work and no play...this happens way too often

So I have been seriously neglecting this blog, I use it to try to catalog my various excursions and play, and hopefully to inspire those who have limited access to exploits of their fetishes and kinks to still live their dreams.

Well, let me recap since I have last filled this out.
I have hit IML for the third year in a row.
It was awesome: met even more great people; had a great time, so great that I got sick from extra drinking; got some great gear; and had a fun session getting tied up by Kristofer Weston in the mart!

I think there were other meet ups in there too, I think I will just splash up some photos to tide my memories and your interests...


Got tied by a buddy, this is when I wasn't feeling the best, so sorry about wearing ridiculous underwear...

Getting tied up by Mr. was pretty awesome!

These shots were taken between when the bf was groping, smacking, and otherwise playing with me.

Stay tuned for more of other sessions. I know I have some pictures and other things to throw up here.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ruined Shirt :(

So a recent tragedy has taken a rather new piece of gear and tainted it. I had been hanging my rubber stuff in my closet to keep the wrinkles off and as I didn't have a great place to keep the burgeoning collection. This was a great way considering my setup, which has some water pipes overhead. With the spring thaw here, the pipes, which I had never had clothes under before in this time of year, started to have condensation which dripped down for probably the course of a day while I was at work.

This doesn't look that bad, but check out the next one...

See, major stain line...   :(

This basically ruined my shirt, but luckily, only my shirt. There are fun little brownish copper like stains that are on the arm and part of the collar. This was pretty devastating  and I knew that it was rare for something like stained latex to resume its color.

I took the next night to soak the shirt in some soap and water to see if any of the stain would wash or rub off. This sort of worked out, I mean, if you look at the picture below is looks about as bad, but under regular, non-flash conditions it looks way better.

Now the line on the back collar isn't as obvious, and the sleeve is a bit less obvious as well.

I am really surprised it did work out, and I hope that I don't screw up any more of my gear for the time being and have decided to store my latex in a nice storage bin to keep water out and manage the wrinkle-ness of the gear.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Selling Old Gear

I have some things up on eBay. Take a look, it isn't anything special, but at least it will let some people expand their collections, so maybe it will give some people more than it sitting in my closet!


Boyfriend Bondage Time

Over the past few months of crazy life, I have had the fortune to still spend some time both kinky and non with the BF.

This included some more experimentations with rope bondage, which isn't exactly his area of interest. And he does a great job considering my suggestions, or what he refers to as whining when it comes to ropes digging into my skin or the harness cutting my underarms. It was all a great time, and he takes these times seriously, even with the playful suggestions.

Here are a some pics of the work, with some fun focused editing.

Overall I am happy he can still handle my razzing, as I love him and he loves me back. Hope you all enjoy!

Stay tuned for some more!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jeez Life, Take a Chill Pill

So I haven't been playing good attention to this blog as I prefer to write well and have fun experiences to share. My main motivation for this blog is to chronicle the kinky happenings in my life, so that you and others that find this blog can relate to being in very rural areas, or having trouble finding people or time to play around with your fetishes!

Well now to throw the last few months at you rather quickly: (I will follow up with some pictures and further detail if I see people are reading or click those little check boxes at the bottom of the post)

In the time of my absence, including the span before my birthday, I have met more great people and had some great times!

For the most part I have enjoyed the pleasure of four main people: my boyfriend, cuffsman10; a local buddy back in town on spring break, DivePup; a friend of friends that is becoming a good friend, CrewBiker; and recently meeting up with a longer-time chat buddy, gsxr75000.

To go over some of the highlight and not-so-highlights:

I am having great opportunities to spend some well earned time with my boyfriend, we are currently going crazy trying to save money to eventually move away from our central-state woes. We both work hard and are putting away some money. (He works way harder and has way more shit to deal with at work!) We are also disappointed with the ability to find friends with any common interests, including those outside of the kinky/fetish world. We have found a few, but the combining schedules are not the best.

I got to have a run in with a great buddy, DivePup, when he was back in town for his spring break from his out of state school. I literally hung out with him for 5 minutes as I was up to other activities and he eventually was leaving town to enjoy the rest of his spring break. So basically this was a non-highlight as I felt that it would have been nice to spend a bit more time with him.

Cuffsman10 and I also have been talking a lot with CrewBiker and his partner. They had been kind enough to host us for a few evenings and we had some great times. I hope to get some of pictures posted soon, but alas, they are on Cuffsman10's phone, out of my current reach! I know I appreciate the visual stimuli to accompany words on my blog as much as others.

Lastly, I ended up stumbling across some sweet gear on eBay recently! I looked at the seller for trustworthiness with my bid and noticed they were located in state! I then proceeded to ask if they would allow for a local pickup depending on how far away I was from them. It turns out it was a guy that I have been yahoo chatting with for a while and hadn't met up with yet as the times didn't align. So I finally met with gsxr75000, and promply had a little fun time while picking up my newly purchased gear!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Recent Birthday!

So, I turned 25 recently and it was probably the best birthday I have celebrated yet!

On the days leading up to it, I jumped into freezing cold water for a charitable cause. It was the first time I had done that, and it was awesome!

Had a relaxing weekend and then spent time with my boyfriend on a little vacation away for some weekday fun as we both had arranged time off of work. We had a blast, doing tourist-y things in the city we visited and stayed at a great resort!

Had great food, huge drinks, which I got to get for free because it was my birthday, and then had a little tied-up fun later in the evening...(which I might share later if you are all lucky the next time I can find my camera cord!)

But otherwise, I will try to keep you all posted with anything new going on in my life, but like many of you, work keeps me busy, so I don't always get time to play, let alone just hang out with buddies both in person and online!

I am trying to re-configure my life to better use my time so I can be more of an asset to my relationship, spend more time with my boy, get into better shape, read more, and try to reconnect with more people, both vanilla friends and kinky ones! (And maybe jerk off less) So please hold the patience you already have with me posting, cause I prefer to make this good, and I feel that even this endeavour has started to falter because of my misplaced time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Decided to explore the web for a BDSM flavored webcomic...

I was a bit bored the other day, so I started to search for a BDSM webcomic to read. I have seen others that feature elements of it, or that are based on the premise, but nothing really reached the real life experience as great as this one:

If you click the picture it will link you to the cover...(NSFW, like I need to tell you that from you viewing this blog)

The only problem I have is that I was really enthralled and it ended up getting me to the current post, which means now I have to wait for updates!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chastity Device was For Sale, now SOLD

So I am cleaning out my toy box a bit as I realized that I don't really use everything. Check out this chastity device that I have had lying around, only had some light wear, otherwise been stored for a while.

Happily this was sold pretty quickly, so sorry if any of you missed out! Thanks if you saw it here and decided to buy it!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some past recent events

So, since I started trying to actively resume the blog, I did get a chance to  meet with a few people and go to an event I hadn't been to before, sort of.

I met up with some great people and then eventually got my rubbery butt down to MIR this year, sort of.

I say sort of, as I wanted to make the trip with my boyfriend and he didn't get out of work until later on Saturday, so really we only caught the bar on Saturday night, and then a bit of the mart on Sunday before heading to Sidetracks for show tunes.

It was a great trip, but I know I missed everything except the camaraderie of the event. I did get to touch base and might get to volunteer next year as I missed most of the weekend this year. It seemed like a fun time at the mart even though it was winding down.

I am not really one to get into show tunes, but after going to Sidetracks and seeing the people having a crazy awesome time, and recognizing some songs, I was really enjoying the night with the boyfriend and a few buddies.

I think I even saw a few fellow kinky blogger people out, but was across the way from them, so didn't try to make an introduction.

Overall, MIR was a smaller event compared to IML, which is to be expected as it was focused on a specific fetish interest, but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth a trip to check out and see. I really hope that I have the free time (and my boyfriend does too!) so that we can make it down for the whole thing sometime in the future, as I really enjoyed the whole thing!

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Outfit (Christmas Follow Up)

So to follow up with that last one where I was basically found out about my latex fetish by my family, I had a little play session where I decided to wear my gear, basically the uniform shirt and pants below:

Well, afterwards, I took a little trip to my parents house, with the rubber under my clothes. And I asked my mom, who was badgering me to see the pants, if she wanted to see them for real.

Now you probably all realized that my mom is crazy and supportive, so she said yes.

And I proceeded to strip down to the rubber. She said they looked great! Eventually, she sort of asked why I have them, which I explained that they make me feel good in a sexual way, she already made that link. My father thought they looked good as well, saying it was a decent outfit, asking if the uniform was anything specific, which it isn't for me. My brother arrived home as I was removing the shirt, so my mom had me show it to him as well. He didn't say much, but wasn't too weird-ed out.

So most of my family has seen me in this, which was cool, as I feel accepted by them for this, and I feel pretty good about it. It was sort of fast, and they don't really know the whole of it probably, but it is still a great feeling to know that they support it, considering many parents are not as open and content with their children who have kinky habits.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Christmas Outing

So I recently made a hasty purchase the morning after a long night of drinking and I was thinking I would regret it. I bought some new pants...which were on sale, but I thought I had read then size wrong, but it turns out I was just a bit mistaken on how they would fit.

Here is a pic of the style I bought...

So I order that probably a month ago, and no worries, they were from overseas, so I thought it would take a while to arrive...and I waited and waited and no pants. Well it is the holidays, shipping could be pushed back...Flash forward to my family Christmas, my parents and siblings opening gifts. My boyfriend is there as well, and I open my box, and my mother says, "make sure to show everyone your gift."She said this cause the wrapped present was the pants that I had bought! That was fun (and super embarrassing , that cat was out of the bag, my siblings and parents knew I had a latex fetish...boy that wasn't hard at all, and I am sure I was only red for most of the night.

Here is a picture of the new pants with a uniform shirt I got at IML this year. I will need to take a better shot as you can't really tell that the pants are sailor fronts...

It seemed to go over well enough, I only received request to try them on which I declined at the time as I thought they might not fit, and it would be awkward. And then that was my joke for the day. Ha ha, at least it wasn't them finding me in them, which could be a bit worse...or them stumbling upon is before I tell them.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I know I enjoyed mine.:)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Talking to a "rookie"

I was approached with a message via recon about kinky stuff and limits by someone looking to get more into the kinky side of things, here are some highlights:
Reconer: Part of me wants to be restrained to learn what a Dom does. Part of me wants to be restrained because avoiding immediate gratification sounds fucking hot. And I'd like to learn to avoid and to learn how to tease and restrain others. 
I know there are ways to do it wrong. So I want to learn how to tie right. I hope that makes sense. 
I guess my question to you would be, what are the characteristics of good and bad Doms?
Me: Ok, that makes sense.
So really you want to know what makes a good and bad Dom?
This might take a bit of messages to hammer out, but I will start off with communication. It is really important for the Dom to know what the sub is comfortable doing, or how far the sub is willing to push limits. I have played around with a few Doms who didn't really realize that what they were doing wasn't exactly something I cared for, or after being tied up and gagged you can't seem to tell them that you are losing feeling in your right arm which is too tight, that sort of thing.
I will think a bit more, but is this sort of what you want?
Reconer: Yes. Exactly. So you are saying to set up the scene ahead of time. Don't gag your boy until you know the ties are right. Check in with him periodically to make sure it's all good.
Me: That is a good start, but you also need to work on whether the boy wouldn't want to know what is exactly going to happen or feel babied, some want the control taken away, so that is important to communicate.
It might be that you tell him you plan to tie him up and edge his cock, maybe having him suck you off or something, but really get an idea for what you might want to do and if anything, just play it safe based on their feedback.
Reconer: I'm not 100% sure I followed so let me rephrase. 
Ask the boy if he wants to set all parameters up front. If he does, follow them in an interesting and exciting way. 
If he wants to let go of control. Be forceful and respectful, pleasing each other. This seems the harder tack to take because it requires in-the-moment communication to make sure boundaries aren't being pushed too far.
Me: Yes, but the setting of some boundaries is paramount no matter what. When we get into play like that here is a lot of trust being played with as well, so it is important to know what each side wants or expects. Does that make sense?
Reconer: Yeah. It makes sense. I've even come up with some rules for getting started. I've found a couple of websites and a group that gets together.
That was pretty much the educational highlight, with more chatting happening around this, but

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bondage Vacation Massachusetts

So I was on a trip, where I was away from my boyfriend for 2 weeks, not long, but long enough to make me miss him and also get me horny.

Being in a new place with the chance to meet new people he allowed me to explore playing around with someone when I was out in Massachusetts. I was trying to arrange something during the weekend with anyone who would pay me mind and had enough references not to be a creeper. I was talking to two or three different people, and I met up with 2 of the three.

The first was bondageforme, a great guy that has had some great experiences in his life. I wasn't a huge fan of his photo-less profile (as that normally leads to insecure people who might be flaky), but he sent me them in a message as soon as I asked citing reasons enough for the lack of publicity. It was a great time, I have a few pictures, but the lighting was horrible where we played, and he didn't get a chance to get a variety of angles because of the limited space (stupid small hotel rooms!), but it was a great time!

Here are a few shots from that play session where I was mummified and played with, wearing this hot PVC thigh high hooker boots (which are harder to stand in then I thought!)

I also talked and met up with releasethekraken, who lead me around the city. We didn't play because I was having trouble with my boyfriend, who I thought was giving me the guilt trip about playing without permission,  but it was all a big misunderstanding. I felt like and idiot, but I later explained and releasethekraken understood.

I was also in talks to meet up with another, but they got held up with work one afternoon when we were planning to grab a drink and talk a bit. But maybe sometime in the future we could hang out, if I make it out there again, or if he makes it out here.

Overall, it was a hectic little trip, but it was nice to meet new people and explore a new place!