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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wanting something sexy up

Here is something to distract me from my life, please enjoy it yourselves....I love this guys stuff, he is Blackshinyrubber on xtube.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Political Bull$@#t

So I am from the Midwest and I have to say I am sick of what I am hearing from Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. He just seems to be a tool, this opinion based on his stupid face:

And the fact that he was talking strategy over the phone with someone who he must have not known, as it really wasn't who he thought it was. See the videos for that below on YouTube.

In general, I would have to say that I normally hate and stay away from politics except for around larger, primary elections, but this just really pissed me off. I mean, I know people in Wisconsin, and I have myself, had a part time job where I was in a union, and I would like to support any union, especially because they often get business taken care of. I kind of wish he would just stop being such a union busting ass and ask for more private donations of millions for the budget, seeing as that is how he got his seat in office anyway.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rimming daisy-chains

All I can say to this is I wish I was the guy in front! This is really hot, and maybe I could see sticking my wet tongue in that last guys ass for a bit... ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rimming - I do love a nice tongue in my ass!

I have only really licked one ass, but I do love getting a good rim job. I recently got one while I was in my latex cat suit and it was amazing! can't wait to get another one soon! They make my cock harder than when it is getting sucked!

This has really been on my mind and it drives me nuts so I will probably post a few more random hots pictures of rimming related stuff....I just hope you all enjoy them like I do! And if any of you really like to give some clean but sweaty ass some attention, feel free to give me a shout out in the comments!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deans Puppy Training Part 5

Dean and Louis arrived together, and as they had before, they
passed by quickly and headed down to the kennel.  I was excited for the day,
and believe they were as well.  It was an important day, especially for
Louis.  It was his fourth visit, and I had an important lesson in store for
          I entered the room, and chuckled to myself as I found Louie on his
back, hind legs splayed open, with urgent whines begging me to remove his
cock cage.  A week is a long time for these young pups, but he knew there
was a strict order to the process of transferring to a puppy, and removing
the cage was not first.  "You know better than that, Louie, now get up so
you can get your collar," I admonished.  With a resigned whine he closed his
legs and stood up next to Dino to receive his collar.  When it was fastened,
he sat up, and I buckled his paws into place.  "Such a good boy, Louie.  Are
you ready to get out of your cage?" I asked.  He fell on his back and his
legs shot open, his whines begging for release.  I got the key and unlocked
the contraption, letting his quickly thickening tool slide from its grasp.
 The cage was sticky from his aroused discharge and I knew the last few days
must have been hell for the young pup.  Dino was also whining to get out of
his contraption.  Squirming on his back as I finished up with his friend, I
finally turned my attention to him.  "Dino, you're all sticky too.  What
were you boys doing, huh?  Watching puppy porn?"  I cleaned them up and
helped Dino get his tail in place for the day.
            "Boys, today's a special day.  Do you know what we are going to
do today?" I asked.  Dino wagged his tail, and Louie just wiggled his ass as
I told them I wanted to introduce Louie to a friend. "Would you like that?"
I asked.  Louie's timid whimper let me know he was nervous, so I gave him a
pat on the head, and assured him I would be with him the whole time.  Dino
gave a yip, thinking he knew what might be coming.
          I led them into the other room, and we saw the two big dogs
chained to the wall.  Both stood up when the pups appeared, stopping Dino
and Louie in their tracks. "Dino," I said, "look who's here.  It's your
friend Duke!"  Dino trotted over and stood close by as I unhooked Duke's
heavy chain.  The stud hadn't been waiting long, but was aroused with the
knowledge of his job today.  His K9 tool wasn't completely hard, but hung
heavy, slowly wagging between his powerful legs with each movement.  Dino
stood still, waiting for the dominant animal to make the first move.  Duke
began the routine and sniffed his way around Dino, then moved to Louie.  I
could tell Louie was uneasy around the big animals, and I petted him,
reassuring him I was going to stay with them.  Duke made the rounds on
Louie, then stopped, waiting for the little one to return the favor.  "Go
on, Louie, say hello.  He doesn't bite," I said.  Louie cautiously made his
way around the stud, lingering at the musky smells around his tail and heavy
ball sack.  
In spite of his nerves, I noticed the new pup starting to
stiffen up himself as he got more familiar with Duke's magnificent body.
 When Louie stepped close to Bruno, still tied to the wall, the big dog
lunged and gave a loud bark.  Both Louie and Dino jumped and dashed over to
my side.  "Bruno, be nice!" I barked at the muscular animal.  "Do you want
to me to unchain you or not?"  He gave an annoyed growl, and sat down
against the wall.  Both pups noticed his massive organ jutting up from the
floor between his legs.  He too was aroused and knew he would soon be
putting his tool to good use.
          Normally, I wouldn't choose Bruno for an initial mating with a new
pup.  He has a very aggressive breeding style, and his whole body is well
muscled.  The girth of his cock can make it difficult for the younger pups
to handle at first, and when coupled with his powerful mountings, it can be
more than some little ones can take.  But before Louie got his turn with the
big boy, Dino had to entertain Duke.  "Louie, come here and sit," I ordered,
allowing Duke and Dino time to play.
Duke laid down and opened his legs for the young pup.  "Dino,
look, Duke wants you to give him a welcome."  Dino approached the reclining
stud, and started lapping at his warm balls, loose and heavy from the heat
of anticipation.  After a few minutes, Duke was at full mast, and Dino was
struggling to keep up with the flow of juices leaking from the shiny purple
head.  Just to see what he would do, I gave the command, "Dino, half!  Get
half that bone."  Louie and I watched as Dino jumped on the big dog's cock,
swallowing half the tube down his throat.  He gave a muffled yip as I
continued, "Swallow, Dino.  Get on that bone!"  Dino began slobbering on the
dick as only a puppy can do, and worked the iron pole with young enthusiasm.
 Occasionally, he would pull off the rod and suck on the big balls, and even
though we had never practiced that, Duke didn't seem to mind.  The big stud
eventually had enough and stood up unceremoniously.  Dino stood still as
Duke made his way to the back of the little dog, and clamped his powerful
jaw down on his tail.  This time, Dino knew what was happening and was more
 relaxed with the routine.  Duke tossed his head, easily snapping the toy
from his ass.  Louie's eyes were wide as he watched the big dog hop up,
settling his heavy paws on Dino's back.  The cock Dino had worked over so
well rested rigidly in the small of his back.  Duke shuffled his feet to get
into position, then pulled his hips back, positioning his pulsing unit for
entry.  He pressed slowly against the little butt, ensuring he was
positioned correctly, causing Dino to release an expectant whine.  With his
cock pressed to the little one's hole, he snapped his pelvis forward,
penetrating Dino's tight ring.  The pup gave a muffled yelp as his ass relented to the big dog, but held his head high.  Duke stayed still for a short time, then shuffled closer to the pup, and began the mating in earnest.  His strokes were a little slower and longer than is typical for a big dog, but Dino handled it well, whimpering as he was fucked by the muscled K9.  Duke sped up, ramming his tool deep, then slowed, pulling almost out of the little behind, before slamming his length back in.
For those of you who have enjoyed these stories, I would consider checking out the rest of them. I finished with part 5 as the other parts had other content and they are being continually written as I have last heard of, so here is the best place to check for updated story parts here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I unfortunately do not get to see my baby today, which is sad. But the good thing is that we had the opportunity to celebrate this past weekend. If you are lucky enough to have a great person sharing your life, don't forget to thank them for all that they mean to you.

Then again, if you are alone like I was for the longest of times, don't forget that there is someone out there for almost everyone, and the only reason that this wouldn't be true is if someone didn't want to spend and share their life with another, but I would like to think that is a rare few. So I hope you all can make due with your current friend situation and have a fun singles night or hit a public place to grab some other lucky single's attention!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pup Play

Super fun times!

I realized that I needed to post something for you as my readers, and I looked and found out that I have old pictures from a friend that I took the control of back in my more switch days. So I hope you all enjoy them!

If you want proof, I have my name on the duct tape off of this pup's ass.

Now there are times that I would wish to trade places with that pup, in fact, that is often what I wish could happen! It is a good thing that I have a great girlfriend that gets into this a little with me and lets me meet with others that don't mind having a pup!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deans Puppy Training Part 4

I was thrilled when Dean told me he had a friend who was interested
in starting puppy training at my kennel.  Dean was one of my best pups
ever, and truly understood his role.  He was a quick learner and
minded very well, although he could also be mischievously disobedient
at times.  He trusted me completely and knew that being a pup meant
enjoying the good times while knowing I would be there for him during
the difficult ones.  I hoped his friend had equal traits.
 Dean and Louis showed up at the appointed time, and Dean led the way
downstairs. When I showed up, Dino gave his usual happy greeting upon
seeing me, while Louie merely looked up.  I was pleased to see both
pups completely naked, ready to start the day.
 "You must be Louie," I said, as I reached down and patted his head.
"Are you ready to start your training to be a big dog?" I asked.  He
gave a quiet yip, and I smiled, thinking about all he had to learn.
"Is that all you have to say, huh?" I said, and he responded with two
slightly louder yips.  "Good boy.  Louie is a good little puppy, isn't
he?" I said as I tousled his hair.
 I had Dino roll over and removed his cock cage while Louie watched.
"You're going to get one of these too, did you know that boy?" I asked
Louie.  He cocked his head, not knowing that confinement was required
when away from the kennel, but I found it was very important to keep
the pups motivated during training. "First thing we need to do is give
you boys a bath.  Would you like that?"  Both pups perked up, and
while they weren't really dirty, I enjoyed making them stand still
while I touched and lathered every inch of their bodies.  It was
uncomfortable for some, but a necessary start to the process.
 I led them to the shower area and had Louie sit while I bathed Dino.
He was playful during his scrubbing.  Dino's puppy cock thickened as I
lathered it up and scrubbed it clean, and I noticed Louie's excitement
grow as well as he watched.  After Dino's quick rinse and dry, it was
Louie's turn.  He stood very still, even as I teased his cock and
carefully washed between his cheeks, making sure his fresh little hole
was spotless.  He was fully excited as I gave him his final rinse, and
I was impressed with his puppy equipment.  His dick was quite long,
but slender like the rest of his body. His balls were large for a pup
of his size, and hung low and loose.
 He laid on his back so I could dry his undercarriage, and his cock
was straining as I ran the soft towel around his groin.  "You are an
excited little pup, aren't you Louie?" I said playfully, teasing his
stiffness.  He whimpered and Dino gave an encouraging yip enforcing
the puppy response he gave.  I could tell Louie was going to be an
excellent trainee.
 I led them back to their blanket, and I fitted their collars and
paws.  "Dino," I asked, "do you want your tail, huh boy?"  With a
happy bark, he ran over to his tail and brought it back to me.  "Dino,
show!" I commanded, as Dino dropped his chest and turned his head,
laying it on the ground.  "Good boy," I said, as Louie watched Dino
present himself for his tail.  Louie stepped closer as I worked the
greased bulb into Dino's hole.  He let out a moan as he watched the
toy slip into his friend, causing me to swat his cheek.  "Louie, puppy
noises only!" I said sternly, as he dropped his head.
With Dino's tail in place, Louie looked around for his.  "What's
wrong, boy? No tail for you?" I asked.  He barked, wondering where his
toy was, but I had to tell him, "Louie, you don't get a tail the first
day.  You have to be a good puppy for a long time before you get to
wear that.  Are you going to be a good puppy for me, so you get a tail
too?" I said, rubbing his head.  He looked very disappointed, but gave
a little bark in agreement to work hard to earn his tail.
 I led him to his puppy cage on the side of the room, and opened the
door.  He looked inside but didn't move.  "Go on, get inside.  Hurry
up," I said, holding the door open for him.  He looked up at me, not
moving.  "Louie, get in your cage, right now!" I commanded, reaching
down and giving him a hard swat on the butt.  He flinched and hurried
into this cage as I closed and locked the door.  I leaned down and
told him that a puppy who wears a tail would have whimpered if given a
swat like that, and he hung his head, knowing he reacted more as a boy
than a pup.  He wanted to learn, but it takes time for these young
pups to respond automatically.
 With Louie watching from the sidelines, I ran Dino through his paces.
 He performed flawlessly as we reviewed all the basic commands for
Louie; sit, lay down, roll over, speak, sit up, and show.  I heaped
praise on the little guy, then finally asked, "Dino, do you want to
play with your bone?"  Dino barked excitedly as I brought out the toy
bone.  I had mounted a rigid cock on a pedestal for training, and it
was very lifelike in its erection.  Dino wagged his tail and went to
it immediately, giving it a lick as he waited for his first
Louie was standing in his cage in rapt attention, his little cock hard as he watched in anticipation.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kink Question: Striping Colors

Does the color of striping on the the side of latex/rubber gear indicate anything?

I ask as I love the color red as an accent on my black latex gear, but I am not a fan or participant in fisting, which is associated with the color red if you use the handkerchief color system. I have talked to a few people about this, as I have a sleeveless latex shirt that has red side stripes, and I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea.

If you have an answer, please comment or email me at

I will also probably post this on forums for opinions there as well.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet-up with lockerroommke (part 2)

So if you didn't catch the last post look here for it.

Basically I met up with lockerroommke and we started off with him tying me, as I am for the most part a submissive. We were playing around for a few hours and he mentioned me taking some control, and I really didn't want to, but decided that it can't hurt to try some dominating time. I started by getting him into his singlet as I knew that he would love it and they are pretty hot in the end....who doesn't love to grind around on someones singlet? I put on my football pants and an underarmour shirt and then forced him to the bed and grabbed my rope. The pictures really do have the ways that I tied him, and I even took some time to grind him while he was vulnerable and tied....

After all of this, we talked for a short while before I went on my way.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet-up with lockerroommke (part 1)

Quote from lockerroommke on the experience...

"I was very excited about the opportunity to explore fun with kinkyboinick.  He arrived, we looked though each of our gear collections, and then the moment arrived where i got to take control.  I grabbed him by the back of his neck and got to take on the dom role.  I looked him straight in the eyes and ordered him to strip all the way.  He did, and I got to feel up his entire body while he stood at attention.  Then I chose some gear for him to put on and started restraining him in my leather cuffs and his muzzle.
I knew he enjoyed bondage and gear, and so I did my best to come up with as many positions to tie him up and keep him restrained.  I had an awesome time getting him all secure, taking pictures, and then grinding the hell out of him while also in gear.  We got to change many times and try out different gear, including putting him in many of my singlets and leather collar. Using his chain leash, I could lead him around the apartment.

We had discussed if he was comfortable with making out, and he said I could, though I know he wasn't thrilled with my goatee. Made it kind of hot to kiss him against his will. Also used his extreme ticklishness that his girlfriend told me about against him.  Made him shake and writhe while all tied up and defenseless.  I also learned that if you lightly scratch behind his ear, he becomes very happy and relaxed.  (Must have a little puppy in him.)

Also really enjoyed reversing roles for a while at the end and letting him show off his rope work.  Hope to do it again soon and explore even more.

I left the first part of this up to his explanation, and he got into where I took some control at the end, but I will be posting that a little later....hope you enjoyed the first part!