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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deans Puppy Training Part 3

The Auction

Dino had never been to a stud auction before, and I knew he would
enjoy the affair.  This was hosted by a friend of mine, and was a
fairly small event.  Twenty studs from around the area were being put
up for auction, and the highest bidder could use the stud as he wished
for one week, then return him to his owner.  I had heard the field was
strong and would command high prices, but I hoped I could come away
with at least one to breed Dino.

Dean arrived on time, of course, and immediately went downstairs to
get ready.  He greeted me with his puppy excitement when I entered the
room, yipping playfully and licking my hand as I reached down to
fasten his collar.  After getting his paws, he rolled over and spread
his hind legs expecting me to remove his cock cage.  "Sorry boy, not
today," I said, as I rubbed his belly.  He gave a loud whimper,
begging me to change my mind, but I ignored his pleas and went to get
his tail.  "Dino, show!" I commanded, as I prepared his tail for
insertion.  Demonstrating his excellent training, Dino immediately
dropped his chest and laid his head on the ground, pushing his ass
high in the air.  His confinement hung between his legs as he
presented himself for his tail. "Good boy," I said, as I patted his
rear.  "You love your puppy tail, don't you?" I said. Dino answered
with two quick barks and wiggled his ass begging for his toy.  I bent
down, and gently pressed his K9 identity into his ass.  He gave an
appreciative yip as it sucked into place and turned to lick my hand.
"Dino, I have a surprise for you today.  We are going to a dog show,
how about that?"  Dino's eyes lit up and he wagged his little tail
excitedly.  "We are going to a stud auction, and maybe I can get you a
friend, would you like that, huh boy?" Dino gave a cute puppy bark,
and I knew he was happy to go.  We went to the van, and he climbed
into his cage in the back.  I locked him in for safe travel, and took
off for the auction.

The auction was a lot of fun, and prices weren't as high as expected.
I was ecstatic when I was able to return home with not one but two
studs to breed little Dino.  Dino was a bit apprehensive, having never
seen these two large males before, and he stayed in the corner of his
cage on the way home.  
The two bigger dogs, on the other hand, knew
what was in store for them, and strained against the bars of their
travel cages trying to sniff or get more familiar with their mate to
be.  I knew Dino noticed their thick tools, hanging plump in
anticipation of the games ahead.

We arrived home, and I let Dino out first.  He scampered inside, and
ran to get a drink.  I led the two studs into the room, and as I
unhooked their leashes, I looked over and saw Dino humping the stairs,
rubbing his encased cock on the only thing he could reach, trying to
get some relief.  "Dino, get down!" I bellowed.  "What do you think
you are doing?  You are a very bad boy, now you get on your blanket,
right now!"  Dino slunk to his bed, and laid on his side.  "If you get
my stairs dirty, you will wear that cage for six months!  Do you understand?"
 Dino gave a low whine, and looked away in shame.

I returned my attention to my purchased studs, and called Dante over
to me.  He walked over with confidence and stood next to me with his
head held high.  "You are a beautiful boy, aren't you?" I said, as I
petted his dark hair.  He barked in agreement.  I then snapped my
fingers and gave the command "Sit up!"  Dante raised his big paws in
front of his chest, and stood up on his hind legs.  His K9 package was
clearly excited about his planned mating, and I knelt down so I could
examine him more closely.  "Dante is a big boy, isn't he?" I said as I
lifted his thick, cut dick.  His length was average, but the thickness
of his shaft was impressive.  His flared head was damp, and I used my
thumb to wipe a small smear of clear liquid from his tip, and raised
it to his mouth.  He licked it off expertly, and I told him what a
good dog he was.  His sack hung loosely between his legs, being pulled
tight by two heavy globes.  His master had groomed his package very
neatly, and shaved his sack completely.  I gently hefted his balls in
my hands, squeezing their mass, and felt their excitement as they
rolled in my palm.  "Are you ready for Dino, Dante?  Huh boy?" I
asked.  Dante gave a loud bark, and pranced over to Dino's bed.  He
leaned over and gave another alpha bark, causing Dino to stand up.  He
took a few steps away from his blanket and stood waiting to be
officially greeted.  I watched in amazement as Dantes equipment grew another few inches in length and thickened noticeably as he sniffed his way around a trembling Dino.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gift from a friend

In the passing time I have resumed school this week so sorry for those of you that follow this. In the meantime I did receive a fun gift from my friend in San Francisco. Below are the pictures that I took when it got here. It was really exciting and I took the pictures not only for the blog but to show my girlfriend as I wasn't sure I would be able to bring it with me the next time I saw her.

Enjoy it below.

I can explain a little after you see these pictures. He sent me a cum rag that is a pink handkerchief and these fun black briefs with a fun skull and crossbones. The underwear are his thing and my girlfriend loved these pair of his, so he sent me them. I had earlier sent him a cum covered jock in the mail after encouragement from my girlfriend. This present of his was the repayment for that fun little package I sent him. Hopefully I continue with another fun exchange if he is willing to keep it up too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dean's Pup Training Part 2

I glance at my watch, and know Dean will arrive any minute.  As
if on cue, the doorbell rings, and I find a smiling Dean standing on the
step.  As usual, he dashes past without a word and races downstairs.
his collar, I slowly follow, knowing he will be waiting for me.

            `Hey Dino.  Have you been a good boy?  How are you today, huh?"
Dino, already stripped bare, jumped up off his blanket and excitedly licked
my hand as I reach down to greet him, gently patting him on the head.  As
soon as I clasp his collar, he sits up waiting for me to attach his paws.  As
I'm fastening the last one in place, I look down and notice his cock cage is
caked with pre cum, lint, and other dirt.  "You are a dirty little boy,
aren't you?" I say as I get the key to his confinement.  He excitedly lies
down and squirms, spreading his haunches, eagerly awaiting his removal from
captivity.  I carefully remove the device from his puppy dick and use a warm
cloth to begin cleaning his already thickening tool.  He is whimpering as I
wipe his now hard dick, already leaking a sizable amount of liquid.  After
having no release for two weeks now, he is in a complete state of sexual
excitement, and I plan to use that to my advantage in his training today. 

reach down and cup his equipment in my hand, and gently shake it.  "Look
what a big boy Dino is.  You are daddy's big boy, aren't you?"   Dino gives
a hearty bark and stands up.  He excitedly trots over to the corner, picks
up his tail, and drops it by the counter where the lube is kept.  I reach
down, pick it up, and give him a few good pats on the head.

            We have been working on a new command to get him to better
present his ass to me when inserting his tail, and I say, "Dino, show!"  Well
trained, he spreads his hind legs, turns his snout to the side, and lays his
head on the floor.  "Good boy, Dino.  Good boy!"  I pat his ass and get
ready to insert the toy.  After generously lubricating the bulb, I kneel
beside him as he wiggles his ass, begging for his puppy tail.  I slowly
press into his soft flesh, causing an excited whine as his ass opens to
accept the toy.  With a final pop, his tail is sucked in place and Dino gets
up and turns to me licking me in thanks for making him a real puppy.

            As Dino prances around the room just enjoying the feeling of
being a pup, I notice that his dick is still drooling from his
hyper-excitement.  "Dino!" I snap," Get on your blanket! Look at what you
are doing to the floor."  Dino sulks to his bed, and looks on embarrassed.
He sees me approach his bed with the wet cloth, and he excitedly turns over
and spreads his haunches, knowing what is coming.  I gently clean the
leaking puppy, wiping the sticky liquid from his stiff shaft and balls, and
he grows harder under the attention.  "You pups are all the same, full of
seed and no where to put it," I say as I rub his belly. Dino gives a short
yip in agreement and jumps back up on all fours.  "Well," I say, "go clean
up your mess, mister.  Hurry up, get busy," I say, pointing to the three
puppy puddles he left behind.

He laps every drop, and comes running back to
me wagging his tail.  "Good boy, Dino.  What a good boy," and I give him a
pat on his head.

            Just then, his ears perk up as he hears a noise from the other
room.  He looks up at me, wagging his tail in anticipation.  "Does Dino have
a visitor today?" I ask, as I cross the room.  Dino follows close behind and
watches intently as I open the door.  As expected, Duke enters the room,
glances around in his domineering way.  He approaches Dino who is completely
still, waiting for Duke's signal.  Duke leans down and peers underneath
Dino's belly, and loudly sniffs the puppy junk hanging underneath.  He
continues slowly around and sniffs Dino's butt and between his legs.  With
Duke's nose pressing into his ball sack, Dino looks up and sees another dog
enter the room through the same door.

            Max is a handsome and an exceptionally fit pup, wearing an
impressive collar and very large tail.  But one of the first things noticed
about Max is the tool that swings like a pendulum between his legs,
memorizing the younger dog.  His thickly veined shaft is one you might
expect on a small pony instead of a dog, and it is punctuated with a sharply
flared helmet at the end.  His balls were equally proportioned, heavily
stretching his smooth sack taught between his powerful legs.

He walked over to Dino and began the ritual, spending sufficient time memorizing his scent.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dean's Pup Training Part 1

Here is a story that I found, I have to say they are written pretty well and I love it. I came more than a few times to various parts of the story. I plan on posting all of the stay tuned for more...

Deans Pup Training Part 1

The doorbell rang, and I smiled as I glanced at my watch.  I so love a
prompt puppy.  I opened the door and saw Dean, smiling at me with his bright
eyes.  He dashed by me without a word, just like the pup he is, and made a
bee-line to the basement.  I closed the door, got his collar, and made my
way downstairs.  By the time I got there, he was already stripped and lying
on his blanket next to his water bowl.
    He stood up when he saw me, and gave a happy little bark as I
approached.  "Good boy, Dino," I said, as I placed the collar around his
neck, and buckled it closed.  I gave him a pat on the head, and he sat up,
presenting his hands for me to slip on his paws.  As I fastened them on, I
noticed his chastity cage, and had momentarily forgotten that Dino was one
of the boys that had me manage their sexual release as well.  With his paws
attached, he rolled onto his back, his front paws in the air, and his
haunches spread, allowing me access to his cage.  I went to the cabinet and
got the key, returned and knelt beside him and removed the device.  He gave
a decidedly human moan as his equipment fell from the grip of the device.
"Doggy noises, Dino!" I said firmly, as I swatted his cheek.  His low
whimper and lick to my hand told me he was sorry, and would try harder at
becoming the well-trained puppy we both knew he could be.
    I looked at his puppy boyhood and found it somewhat caked in a week's
worth of sweat, piss, and pre cum, and went to get a warm wash cloth to
clean him up a bit.  While you can shower and wash around a chastity device,
you can't actually scrub the flesh, and young pups particularly get a build
up of dirt that needs cleaning after a week.
    I gently scrubbed his tool and ball sack causing his young and neglected
package to engorge to its full length and girth.  "Maybe later today we can
give this a little more attention.  Huh?" I said, as I scratched his
straining prick.  "Would you like that, Dino?"  He gave an excited yip as I
put the washcloth back in the sink.  Dino jumped to his feet, ready for a
day of puppy play.  He ran to the corner, and came back to me, dropping his
tail at my feet.  "You ready for your tail, huh boy?"  Dino gave a happy
bark, and trotted over to the table where he knew I kept the lube.  He
barked again, encouraging me to hurry, then turned around and presented his
ass to receive his tail.  I generously lubed the large knob, and pressed it
against his little hole.  He gave excited whimpers as I worked the tool into
him.  After some maneuvering, the tail popped into place, and Dino gave a
satisfied yip.  He turned and licked my hand, as I stood to put the
lubricant away.

    Suddenly, a deep bark sounded from the next room.... more here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting a show from an old friend

It is underwear time!

I have been talking with a guy for a long time and so has my girlfriend. He recently took a trip across the country to see his family and some old friends and happened to buy some fun underwear on his trip. This is a particular fetish of his and of course I can associate with it with my love of jockstraps and some underwear, so me and my girlfriend asked for an online show as he is still far from us.

Below is a video of him showing off one specific pair as per the directions given to him. Me and my girl even asked him to jerk off in the undies, eat some of his cum, and then put on the cum soaked undies until we were done with him. In the end of the video he is bending over so we can see the wet spot and touching it for us.

Basically, before this video we had him give us the underwear fashion show. He got into each of the new pairs, 10+ and then let us comment. We really enjoyed the ones that he is wearing, as well as a bunch of monkey themed ones, some including cartoon crossbones and monkey skulls! He did a great job.

I normally would post more information on the guy, but he recently removed his profile from Recon as he needed to reorder things in his life. He is still looking for someone in his area eventually, but needs a relationship as much as he needs to get spanked like the little bitch he is.

He would probably love to see comments if you like it and maybe could become a continual feature of this blog if you all like him enough.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Me Talking Control For Once....

So I have chatted a few times with my Helmeted Hawk friend that was mentioned in the previous posts. And he is a more submissive guy at times, especially when it comes to orgasm control and chastity. So me and my girlfriend, who moonlights as both my mistress, and an occasional cum controller for the Hawk friend had set up some rules and it turns out that Hawk needed to ask me for permission to cum. For me it was more of a question of what I could make my friend do for me, and of course, as I have a blog, I decided to use it to my advantage and share his orders with you.

Basically, there were two times, this post will be focused on the first one, and the next post will have some more about the whole situation.

Here is a bit of the conversation:

kinkyboinick: I like you having to do or prove something to get your release bitch
hockeyleather: Yes Master - I was talking with the misses about locking it up for the work day tomorrow.
kinkyboinick: like using a cock cage for the day?
hockeyleather: Was thinking of my CB6K device Master, to confine the already over-horned beastie for you.
kinkyboinick: I think that will work, and I think you will need to wear a jockstrap all day too
hockeyleather: Woof yes Master! Can it be one of my PVC ones?
kinkyboinick: black pvc sounds good, that is what you need to wear...and I want a picture of you in it, with the cock cage on, with it showing, without the jock, be imaginative as I might want to blog about it someday...
hockeyleather: Will do Master - should be able to take a few no problem tomorrow afternoon and send your way.
hockeyleather: I am going to feel SO bitch with those on. *wags*
hockeyleather: It’s going to take a bit for your cock here to calm down Master - it's raging hard at the moment.
kinkyboinick: then ice it bitch, I want it on like yesterday!
hockeyleather: *whimpers* Yes Master.
kinkyboinick: good bitch, I don't like hearing lip like that
hockeyleather: I will get it on before heading to dinner for you, and will be in a PVC football jersey for bedtime as ordered.
kinkyboinick: and the red jock for sleeping too bitch, just for putting off the cock cage
hockeyleather: Red jock for sleeping and black jock tomorrow - got it Master.
kinkyboinick: good bitch
hockeyleather: This is going to be horrible, BUT feel so good knowing I'm doing it to make you happy.
kinkyboinick: and you can think of it as a way to make yourself happy in the long run when you get to cum slave

And here is a sample of the pictures that I received as per my orders:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Part 2 with the humble hot guy

So basically, I had him tied down in a hogtie type of position and then spread him out and was teasing him with his balls attached to his collar. This really caused him some stress to keep the pressure off his balls, but I had made sure he was firmly attached to the end of the bed and was going nowhere. When I had him here, I decided to take advantage of him a little and then tease him by stripping down and then pulling out my cock for him to look at as he probably wished it was the gag in his mouth. See, I had lured him to believe that he might get the chance to suck my cock to get him to open his mouth, and then shoved the pecker like end of the gag into his eager little slave mouth.

Here you can see me asserting my dominance over his slutty little face with my cock. Doesn't he just look so helpless and wanting?

Eventually, I let him up and untied him to rest his arms and legs. We had talked earlier about wearing latex stuff and him trying on my latex catsuit and I decided that if he was going to be in the suit, I was going to be in my latex shorts. So we separately suited up and polished each other a little to get off the powder that I use to store the latex and then were talking casually. Then, when we were both ready, he grabbed me and handcuffed me, collared me, blindfolded me, gagged me, and then attached a leash as he sat down on my in my own rubber suit...

This really cause a bit of a stir as he restrained me and then tickled me some more, before I begged with the gag in to have it removed and for him to let me up so I could play with him. He decided that I needed to cum, put the gag in, and pulled my cock out, and jerked me off for a while. The whole time he was talking really dirty to me, as I love hearing about how much of a bitch I am when I am tied up. I was having the issue getting there while the gag was in, and he realized it so he pulled it off and planted his mouth on mine giving me a kiss and then continuing to play with my cock. I eventually came and he let me up, telling me it was my turn to get him off.

For this, I pushed him over onto the bed after resting my arms and legs a little. Then I got up on top of him and sat on his stomach to keep him down as I fastened his hands above his head. I didn't strap his legs down at first, but eventually did for a bit, only to release them eventually. I got down and exposed his cock, licked around it, blew on it, and then took a little of it in my mouth, eventually, sucking on his cock. This didn't last, as I was tired and just tried to jerk him off for a while. I was playing and playing but could just not match the style of rubbing that he was used to. Eventually, I released his hand and had him jerk off and then just say next to him, caressing his body and talking dirty to him to get him to cum for me. After this, we got cleaned up and talked a bit, ending the long night of bondage fun.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More adventures, this time with a humble, hot, local guy! Part 1

So I have met a few people and my girlfriend, who is amazing by the way, is getting closer and closer to more and more of my internet friends and allowing me to meet them in person. This guy, cuffsman10 on recon, initially contacted me and I was just a bastard that shut him down. You might think that I'm super nice, but I too can get a little bitchy, especially if the right person catches me in the worse mood. He had started talking to me when I wasn't in the best mood and I shut him down...but the good news is that he was forgiving and wanted to see if I was that arrogant guy that easily dismissed him. So we kept talking and I eventually found out, again, that he was in the area, in fact, he lived around the place that I go to school! And he eventually stuck it out and talked with my girlfriend enough to arrange a meeting.

So he invited me over for a short meet and it just wasn't that long as we were in for a time crunch. Eventually, we discussed it and a second meeting was set up and we got together. We each have a variety of bondage gear, mine being more of the home built random compiled, and his being handcuffs, and some quality restraints from Mr. S Leather. I have a few nice things, but I feel my collection is just not as impressive as his...but enough of the gear talk, now down to the playing around.

Basically, the idea was for me to be more of the dominant top, which isn't my preferred position as I normally would identify as a submissive, but I was willing to try it out with him. He was really cool and we talk a little, got the gear out, and I prepared to tie him down.

Of course, as I go to restrain him, he fights back like you think someone would, but this caught me a little off guard and I was overtaken by him and forced into a hogtie. He then proceeded to tickle me, (as I am quite ticklish), and he has talked to my mistress about my tickle factor and decided to use it against me. I was helpless to resist until he got a little bored and let me go, so we could have more of a fair fight to allow me to restrain him.

Eventually, I got on top of him and overpowered him to cuff him to the bed and then proceeded to tie him up in a modified hog-tie style tie, after stripping him down to his undies. Then I tied his cock to the ring of the muzzle gag that I had on him, and then stressed him out. Used a nice little pinwheel toy all over him, which resulted in a very pleasant reaction and served as a "revenge" for the tickling he gave me.

For now, it was real fun to play with him...and I think I will save the rest of this for another post...