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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS day

I'm not really connected personally with anyone with AIDS, or at least I don't know it, but as a student and hopefully productive member of society I would just like to make it a point to address.

AIDS and HIV is a big deal, not so much here in the US as other places like the UK and Africa, but still a problem. Granted there have been great involvements in the medicine to treat symptoms but there is still a lot of work to find an effective cure.

I would just like you all to know that you should be safe, and when practicing sex, not only use a condom, but make sure that you get tested for various sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Knowledge is power. Keep a track record of when your last test was and try to have partners check themselves out. Ask play partners if they have been tested and maybe suggest it considering their past activities. Some are more risky than others like using needle based drugs, those that might share needles, or practitioners of bareback sex.

If we can become more aware and educated we can at least stop the spread if not someday eliminate it.

For more information, check out the sites below:

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  1. Hi. I thank you for your thoughts and concerns over HIV/AIDS. As someone who has lost 2 partners and many friends to the monster, I am always pleased to see the gay comunity still remembering there is a problem out there, and taking sensible precaution. Here in the UK many of the younger members of the gay world think its an "old gay mans problem". ITS NOT we are all at risk.
    I cannot understand your point that its no deal in US but UK and Africa is a problem. Look at the statistics The USA has a rate of .6% (the world average .57%. While the UK is .2%

    However stats are one thing, its OUR responsibilty to beware, know the risks of our actions. And remember all those who have been taken in many cases to early in their lives, who where unaware of the risks and could not prevent their own infections.

    Our gay world should still be a fun palce to live in, and it is, just rememeber the risks while you have your fun.

    Thanks for remembering on your blog