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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Experience Story....for those that never heard it

First Big Adventure

I am an average-bodied, 6 foot tall, blond haired boy from a place that really isolates me from any sort of kink interests, but I’m pretty sure that I love bondage play and numerous activities frowned upon or forgotten by polite society. That being said, it was a big deal trying to meet up with some people with similar interests, not only because of the taboo factor, but also the complete lack of other pervert-minded people in the open around here, I mean, heck I’m not open about all the stuff I’m into. This is also especially hard when I am seeking out guys, and have a wonderful “keeper” of a girlfriend. The problem is some guys “need” to have sex, others are weirded-out by guys that are “bi-curious” or “bisexual” so I find that it is best to save that for when they are sure they would want to meet up. All of this aside, here is the story of my first big meet-up.

I chat online with many people, but it really takes some talking and planning to get something set up, the distance being a main factor. I talked with this guy, who has a partner, and they go by “fossil9” for the most part. We set something up and they live far away, so I needed to make sure to commit. My girlfriend who is really understanding was worried, like she rightfully could be that I might like it more than our relationship, but I wanted to assure her that there is no way that I could ever not have what we have. She allowed me to meet with them, and I had the time aside on the weekend. So it was going to happen.

I drove a long while, met them away from the house as it would be tricky to get there, and then followed them to the place. It was kind of off the beaten trail and a little sketchy, but I could cope with it, as I knew that my girlfriend had their address and phone number. We get inside, talk for a bit to settle everyone and decide to get to play. I have brought some gear, but most of it was theirs, and it was amazing! First off they stripped me down, had me put on my Bike black jock and took me downstairs to a place with overhead restraints, fastening my arms above me with heavy metal manacles. This was the first time that I had worn something like this, and they were heavy and secure! They blindfolded me with a gym sock, and played with me, touching my cock, brushing against my butt and chest, pinching my nipples, and writing my number on me. I was now slave 53. They stroked me a little, teasing me and then put my cock away. They wanted to do a lot more before I could cum. They added a metal collar, which was also a first for me. I mean, this stuff was heavy, but I really loved the idea of it being heavy so I could feel it on me, reminding me of my place. They let my arms down, and decided that I needed to spend some time on the floor with stocks securing me to a pole. I mean, they kept the collar on, had me get down, put my legs and arms in this thing, and then I was stuck…to which they later added a gag! I mean, this was a heavenly experience…I have never been so helpless…and it was sort of freeing. I mean, I started to think of what could happen and got turned on, I was semi hard anyway, but I was left there for about 20 minutes and my cock just jumped around on its own while I sat and drooled out of the gag.

After that they wanted to know if I wanted to do some pup play stuff, which I had never done, so I said that I would try it and that if something was too much that I would use our agreed upon safe word. I was outfitted with an orange wrestling singlet and a “pup” hood that covered my face and treated like a dog for a while. They had me practice my “speak”, trained me with some commands, and had me fetch a dog toy as well as the black jock that I was previously wearing. I got a little warm from all of the activity. So we took a break for me to drink some water, which they poured in a dog bowl and had me lap up like a puppy after removing the mask. I eventually needed to pee, and they had wanted me to go outside on all fours for them, I tried, but we were kind of in the woods and the mosquitoes were eating all of us alive, especially the mostly naked one, that being slave 53.

We took a break and chatted for a minute, long enough for them to tell me that it was time to stay in the cage for a while. For this stay, I would be wearing a set of fetters that included a heavy metal collar, as well as metal wrist and ankle restraints. These were heavy, and I crawled into the cage. When I got inside, they decided that I needed to be blindfolded, and took a lycra blindfold hood and stretched it over my face. It was sort of surreal to be trapped in a cage and unable to see. I knew they wanted to keep me in there for a while and I thought I heard one of them playing with his cock as I sat and crouched, shifting around in the cage to get comfortable. I eventually found few good places to rest my head and almost got to sleep in the restraints. I say almost as the collar had a large link that connected the chain and it was hard to get that from applying pressure to my neck. It was a good half hour later that I was released and allowed to go to the bathroom while still wearing the heavy shackle set.

This was something that led us to take a smaller break. I eventually had to return upstairs where they had me do some stuff to show off, still played around, and then they manhandled me for a while. They had me touch their cocks, start to jerk them off and then toyed with me. The end of this part being them jerking off on me and playing with my cock to get me to cum. They took their time, shooting all over the singlet that I had half on and the worked on my cock for a while. I get pretty easy stage fright, so it took them a while and no one really plays with your cock as well as you do so they had me jerk off a little to see and then continued playing with me. Eventually after all the playing around, I shot a nice load all the way over my shoulder trailing onto my chest and stomach area.

We cleaned up and talked for a while until late, one of them going to bed before the other. I eventually went to bed in a nice cozy guest room and waited until the morning. I woke to find the “early-bed, early-rise” partner in the kitchen. We chatted for a while before talking about maybe doing one more thing before I needed to head out. We decided to do one last thing before leaving, and at my request, I got to wear my rubber shorts and shirt.

He took me downstairs and hung me from the ceiling in my rubber, attached locks all over including the crotch zippers. He toyed with me, taking a few pictures and trying to jerk me off…but it was early and I was playing hard to get. He eventually gave up and as we were about to finish up I asked to be put in the stocks as they brought them and I had never been in them. Bingo, I was locked in and he took a few pictures. He stroked me and I was pretty turned on by my immobility, so I pretty much came as soon as I thought about the whole situation, which was pretty hot! He let me stay in the stocks after I had shot, which I really didn’t like, but later enjoyed as I was being held there against my will…sort of. We got cleaned up and talked about the whole thing, and I prepared for my departure. I was hot and I didn’t want to take my rubber off yet, so I opted to drive the few hours home in it. They led me away from the house and I hit the road.

It was great as I was going back to see my girlfriend and she didn’t really want to hear about it right away, but I talked her into hearing about it and she was cool considering the attention she was getting from my thanks of her understanding and letting me do such things. I don’t think she will ever fully understand how much that has meant to me, even after she reads this…I love her, and am glad that I can run my little bondage fantasies that might involve other people. If you think this was a decent description, feel free to thank her, as it was all her allowance that let me experience this great adventure! 

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  1. i remember you telling this story! glad your sharing it on your blog!
    keep up the good work boy ...