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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IML part 2

For the rest of the weekend, I spent a large amount of time with my roommates skip and KinkyMilwaukeeGuy, and my buddy cuffsman10. It was a really awesome time and I eventually got a fun haircut from the Fort Troff booth, which I am debating posting, so if you want to see it, post a comment expressing that interest.

Otherwise, it was really fun to get tied up a few times, and walk around for all the events. I met a bunch of new people and hopefully will be long term friends and bondage buddies.

I think my favorite thing was just having gear time and getting tied in it. I eventually ended up in football gear and tied spread eagle to a bed too. Curse those that decided that tickling me while I was restrained, I thought that was a little mean of you! :)

I eventually got to cum twice that weekend, but also had some oversensitivity, so not as many as my captors had panned on forcing me to have. I was about as broken up as they were. Ha ha.

There was a little more fun for the end of the weekend, but I will save that for another post that isn't as long as this one, so come back if you would like some more!


  1. I did not mean to tickle you that much!! It just happened but you had your revenge!!!

  2. I will work on the haircut....maybe if I get one more comment about it I will do it...