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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pictures that Describe What I am Thinking of Recently

I have really been busy with work and school that I feel like I neglect this wonderful thing and all you that read it so I am working on getting a few more things up here, the question is whether you would like them or not. But here is what I have been thinking about recently.

I was checking out a few domination blogs and the idea that someone would leave you frustrated but excites and saddens me, as I am one that loves cumming.

I feel like this is a great picture of a horny devil, and I really want to get one of those plugs someday, hot stuff!

Pretty much my submission to either my girlfriend or play buddies involves a transformation to a pup mode and I feel this describes what I end up doing, if not what my girlfriend ends up telling me to do.

I especially think this is cute as it is so true, and if you are checking this out and don't think you would, I would quest you to try being bent over for someone, either for a boy's hard cock, or the strap on of a girl.

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