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This is really a place for me to express my kinky side to all of those that would like to partake in it. Hopefully, it gives anyone in similar situations inspiration and drive to make things happen.

I know what it was like to feel different and not to have people nearby to talk to about some of it, but eventually you encounter those that help you out and educate you on the world you want to explore. So play safe!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Submissive Stance - Down On All Four

There is just something in my mind that goes with my submissive nature that tells me I should be on all fours. I love being a puppy for that sort of reason, I am just in another place when I am down on my hands and knees. I was pretty horny a few times in the past two weeks and specifically had puppy type fantasies where I came from jerking off on all fours, or really three as the other hand was a little occupied. Feel free to check out the following as inspiration for your submissive...

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