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Monday, February 7, 2011

Kink Question: Striping Colors

Does the color of striping on the the side of latex/rubber gear indicate anything?

I ask as I love the color red as an accent on my black latex gear, but I am not a fan or participant in fisting, which is associated with the color red if you use the handkerchief color system. I have talked to a few people about this, as I have a sleeveless latex shirt that has red side stripes, and I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea.

If you have an answer, please comment or email me at

I will also probably post this on forums for opinions there as well.


  1. I'd be interested in the answer to this too. I like stripes on rubber clothes, but do wonder if it'll indicate I like things which I don't if I go to a club in it.

  2. Red, generally means the person into fisting. Yellow, piss. You already knew that. From my understanding, that while a wrist band or hanky are common flags... and help to show bottom or a top in terms of the play, I have found piss pigs and people into fisting (either end) will often wear red or yellow pin stripping on their leathers (pants, jock), or rubber gear.

    I enjoy a little piss play, and will flag with a hanky and a black and yellow wrist band. But also have a yellow stripped leather jock.

    If you are flagging red, you may just need to explain to someone. If nothing else, a way to stike up conversation :)

    Finally, I find it interesting that I have some fetish friends that also flag their interest with their boot laces. While piss pigs are probably OK with yellow... white and red can get you in trouble in the wrong place, as those colors are clearly associated with Aryan skinheads.