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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deans Puppy Training Part 4

I was thrilled when Dean told me he had a friend who was interested
in starting puppy training at my kennel.  Dean was one of my best pups
ever, and truly understood his role.  He was a quick learner and
minded very well, although he could also be mischievously disobedient
at times.  He trusted me completely and knew that being a pup meant
enjoying the good times while knowing I would be there for him during
the difficult ones.  I hoped his friend had equal traits.
 Dean and Louis showed up at the appointed time, and Dean led the way
downstairs. When I showed up, Dino gave his usual happy greeting upon
seeing me, while Louie merely looked up.  I was pleased to see both
pups completely naked, ready to start the day.
 "You must be Louie," I said, as I reached down and patted his head.
"Are you ready to start your training to be a big dog?" I asked.  He
gave a quiet yip, and I smiled, thinking about all he had to learn.
"Is that all you have to say, huh?" I said, and he responded with two
slightly louder yips.  "Good boy.  Louie is a good little puppy, isn't
he?" I said as I tousled his hair.
 I had Dino roll over and removed his cock cage while Louie watched.
"You're going to get one of these too, did you know that boy?" I asked
Louie.  He cocked his head, not knowing that confinement was required
when away from the kennel, but I found it was very important to keep
the pups motivated during training. "First thing we need to do is give
you boys a bath.  Would you like that?"  Both pups perked up, and
while they weren't really dirty, I enjoyed making them stand still
while I touched and lathered every inch of their bodies.  It was
uncomfortable for some, but a necessary start to the process.
 I led them to the shower area and had Louie sit while I bathed Dino.
He was playful during his scrubbing.  Dino's puppy cock thickened as I
lathered it up and scrubbed it clean, and I noticed Louie's excitement
grow as well as he watched.  After Dino's quick rinse and dry, it was
Louie's turn.  He stood very still, even as I teased his cock and
carefully washed between his cheeks, making sure his fresh little hole
was spotless.  He was fully excited as I gave him his final rinse, and
I was impressed with his puppy equipment.  His dick was quite long,
but slender like the rest of his body. His balls were large for a pup
of his size, and hung low and loose.
 He laid on his back so I could dry his undercarriage, and his cock
was straining as I ran the soft towel around his groin.  "You are an
excited little pup, aren't you Louie?" I said playfully, teasing his
stiffness.  He whimpered and Dino gave an encouraging yip enforcing
the puppy response he gave.  I could tell Louie was going to be an
excellent trainee.
 I led them back to their blanket, and I fitted their collars and
paws.  "Dino," I asked, "do you want your tail, huh boy?"  With a
happy bark, he ran over to his tail and brought it back to me.  "Dino,
show!" I commanded, as Dino dropped his chest and turned his head,
laying it on the ground.  "Good boy," I said, as Louie watched Dino
present himself for his tail.  Louie stepped closer as I worked the
greased bulb into Dino's hole.  He let out a moan as he watched the
toy slip into his friend, causing me to swat his cheek.  "Louie, puppy
noises only!" I said sternly, as he dropped his head.
With Dino's tail in place, Louie looked around for his.  "What's
wrong, boy? No tail for you?" I asked.  He barked, wondering where his
toy was, but I had to tell him, "Louie, you don't get a tail the first
day.  You have to be a good puppy for a long time before you get to
wear that.  Are you going to be a good puppy for me, so you get a tail
too?" I said, rubbing his head.  He looked very disappointed, but gave
a little bark in agreement to work hard to earn his tail.
 I led him to his puppy cage on the side of the room, and opened the
door.  He looked inside but didn't move.  "Go on, get inside.  Hurry
up," I said, holding the door open for him.  He looked up at me, not
moving.  "Louie, get in your cage, right now!" I commanded, reaching
down and giving him a hard swat on the butt.  He flinched and hurried
into this cage as I closed and locked the door.  I leaned down and
told him that a puppy who wears a tail would have whimpered if given a
swat like that, and he hung his head, knowing he reacted more as a boy
than a pup.  He wanted to learn, but it takes time for these young
pups to respond automatically.
 With Louie watching from the sidelines, I ran Dino through his paces.
 He performed flawlessly as we reviewed all the basic commands for
Louie; sit, lay down, roll over, speak, sit up, and show.  I heaped
praise on the little guy, then finally asked, "Dino, do you want to
play with your bone?"  Dino barked excitedly as I brought out the toy
bone.  I had mounted a rigid cock on a pedestal for training, and it
was very lifelike in its erection.  Dino wagged his tail and went to
it immediately, giving it a lick as he waited for his first
Louie was standing in his cage in rapt attention, his little cock hard as he watched in anticipation.

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