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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Political Bull$@#t

So I am from the Midwest and I have to say I am sick of what I am hearing from Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. He just seems to be a tool, this opinion based on his stupid face:

And the fact that he was talking strategy over the phone with someone who he must have not known, as it really wasn't who he thought it was. See the videos for that below on YouTube.

In general, I would have to say that I normally hate and stay away from politics except for around larger, primary elections, but this just really pissed me off. I mean, I know people in Wisconsin, and I have myself, had a part time job where I was in a union, and I would like to support any union, especially because they often get business taken care of. I kind of wish he would just stop being such a union busting ass and ask for more private donations of millions for the budget, seeing as that is how he got his seat in office anyway.

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  1. I live in WI... i cant stand him, he is such a tool. I can not believe a guy who quit college is now our gov. :( *sigh*