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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deans Puppy Training Part 3

The Auction

Dino had never been to a stud auction before, and I knew he would
enjoy the affair.  This was hosted by a friend of mine, and was a
fairly small event.  Twenty studs from around the area were being put
up for auction, and the highest bidder could use the stud as he wished
for one week, then return him to his owner.  I had heard the field was
strong and would command high prices, but I hoped I could come away
with at least one to breed Dino.

Dean arrived on time, of course, and immediately went downstairs to
get ready.  He greeted me with his puppy excitement when I entered the
room, yipping playfully and licking my hand as I reached down to
fasten his collar.  After getting his paws, he rolled over and spread
his hind legs expecting me to remove his cock cage.  "Sorry boy, not
today," I said, as I rubbed his belly.  He gave a loud whimper,
begging me to change my mind, but I ignored his pleas and went to get
his tail.  "Dino, show!" I commanded, as I prepared his tail for
insertion.  Demonstrating his excellent training, Dino immediately
dropped his chest and laid his head on the ground, pushing his ass
high in the air.  His confinement hung between his legs as he
presented himself for his tail. "Good boy," I said, as I patted his
rear.  "You love your puppy tail, don't you?" I said. Dino answered
with two quick barks and wiggled his ass begging for his toy.  I bent
down, and gently pressed his K9 identity into his ass.  He gave an
appreciative yip as it sucked into place and turned to lick my hand.
"Dino, I have a surprise for you today.  We are going to a dog show,
how about that?"  Dino's eyes lit up and he wagged his little tail
excitedly.  "We are going to a stud auction, and maybe I can get you a
friend, would you like that, huh boy?" Dino gave a cute puppy bark,
and I knew he was happy to go.  We went to the van, and he climbed
into his cage in the back.  I locked him in for safe travel, and took
off for the auction.

The auction was a lot of fun, and prices weren't as high as expected.
I was ecstatic when I was able to return home with not one but two
studs to breed little Dino.  Dino was a bit apprehensive, having never
seen these two large males before, and he stayed in the corner of his
cage on the way home.  
The two bigger dogs, on the other hand, knew
what was in store for them, and strained against the bars of their
travel cages trying to sniff or get more familiar with their mate to
be.  I knew Dino noticed their thick tools, hanging plump in
anticipation of the games ahead.

We arrived home, and I let Dino out first.  He scampered inside, and
ran to get a drink.  I led the two studs into the room, and as I
unhooked their leashes, I looked over and saw Dino humping the stairs,
rubbing his encased cock on the only thing he could reach, trying to
get some relief.  "Dino, get down!" I bellowed.  "What do you think
you are doing?  You are a very bad boy, now you get on your blanket,
right now!"  Dino slunk to his bed, and laid on his side.  "If you get
my stairs dirty, you will wear that cage for six months!  Do you understand?"
 Dino gave a low whine, and looked away in shame.

I returned my attention to my purchased studs, and called Dante over
to me.  He walked over with confidence and stood next to me with his
head held high.  "You are a beautiful boy, aren't you?" I said, as I
petted his dark hair.  He barked in agreement.  I then snapped my
fingers and gave the command "Sit up!"  Dante raised his big paws in
front of his chest, and stood up on his hind legs.  His K9 package was
clearly excited about his planned mating, and I knelt down so I could
examine him more closely.  "Dante is a big boy, isn't he?" I said as I
lifted his thick, cut dick.  His length was average, but the thickness
of his shaft was impressive.  His flared head was damp, and I used my
thumb to wipe a small smear of clear liquid from his tip, and raised
it to his mouth.  He licked it off expertly, and I told him what a
good dog he was.  His sack hung loosely between his legs, being pulled
tight by two heavy globes.  His master had groomed his package very
neatly, and shaved his sack completely.  I gently hefted his balls in
my hands, squeezing their mass, and felt their excitement as they
rolled in my palm.  "Are you ready for Dino, Dante?  Huh boy?" I
asked.  Dante gave a loud bark, and pranced over to Dino's bed.  He
leaned over and gave another alpha bark, causing Dino to stand up.  He
took a few steps away from his blanket and stood waiting to be
officially greeted.  I watched in amazement as Dantes equipment grew another few inches in length and thickened noticeably as he sniffed his way around a trembling Dino.

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